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 Corrections on UPM SMP portal

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PostSubject: Corrections on UPM SMP portal   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:33 pm

I need a name list with your UPM matrix number and the errors spotted in your UPM SMP website. I have contacted someone there to check the errors, and will email the person in charge as soon as this name list is completed. I don't have the full name list and I need the errors to be stated clearly okay?

1) Mohd Azham Bin Amran (160765) Blind and birth date is not Dec 12, but Dec 15.

2) Niwashini Nambiar a/p Aravindan (160791) Blind and I'm Hindu nt Punjabi .

3) Mohammad Aliff Bin Mohd Shahrizan (160776) Blind, MUET status Tiada Major & Tiada Minor.

4) Imran Bin Mohd Saat (160761) Blind and married, not single

5) Kamal Khairi Bin Ghuslan @ Ruslan (160762) Blind, MUET status.

6) Amirul Syahmee Bin Ibrahim (160754) Blind,

7) Muhammad Azam Bin Mohd Jamil (160771) Blind, MUET

Cool Chin Siew Li (160758) Blind, MUET

9) Muhammad Nor Aiman (160772) Blind, MUET

10) Precintha Rubini A/P P.James (160778) Blind, and Christian not Hindu

11) Caryn Lim Jia Ying (160785) Blind, MUET

12) Amalina Binti Sulaiman (160752) Blind, MUET, Birthplace: Batu Pahat not Selangor

13) Amirul Syahmee bin Ibrahim (160754) Blind, MUET


15) Muhamad Rizal b. Sadiman (160770) Blind, MUET

16) Fatin Eliya bt. Saif (160786) Blind, Muet

17) Lam Hui Yang (160789) Blind, Muet

18) Muhammad Syahmi bin Rahim (160773) Blind, MUET

19) Mohd Ikram Bin Mohd Fakhri (160767) Blind, MUET

20) Nurul Izati binti Zainal Abidin (160793) Blind, MUET.

21) Amir Hamzah Bin Ramli (160753) Blind , MUET.

22) Nur Siti Rozaialaina Binti Mahamud (160792) Blind, MUET.

Just do something like what I did above, and I will prepare the name list after this and email him/her okay. Thank you...

Credits to Azham Very Happy


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Corrections on UPM SMP portal
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